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Please check first you can enter a code before to order a code for LG !

Insert a non accepted simcard, and enter NCK code when prompted for a code.


How to enter code in LG

To enter unlock code for LG, You need to insert sim card from network which is phone currently working and enter unlock sequence mode 2945#*XXX# where XXX is the model of LG phone numbers, for example,
for KU990 enter 2945#*990#, GT540 enter 2945#*540#. When a secret MENU is shown,


If after enter to secret menu phone will ask for:

NCK (Network Unlock Code)
NSCK (Network subset code)
SPCK (Service provider code)
CPCK (corporate code)
SIMCK (Sim unlock code)



Note: 95% of CDMA Codes SPC: 0000 or 00000000 Please Keep in Mind

this Service no have refund for any way so please before to submit

must check code yourself then submit we dont Give Refund for Any IMEI